Top 5 Reasons why choose universities in Canada and not the U.S.A

1. Difficult U.S. Policy

One point might be a difficult visa policy in the United States.
The Department of Homeland security has required international students to reapply for their visas yearly in the United States. On contrary, the Canadian government is encouraging the students to stay in the country as long as possible.
In addition, the Trump administration has imposed further restrictions on international students who are intending to stay in the United States after graduation. Also the Unites States visa application is an extended and intricated procedure, requiring questioning and plenty of waiting.
On the other hand, the Canadian visa is shorter and easier for international students to get a study permit.

2.High Cost

Another point to take into consideration would be the cost. If we compare Canada to the U.S., studying in the United States is much more expensive than studying in Canada. Add to this, the financial aid that seems to be harder in the United States for international students to get. However, in Canada, international students have the opportunity to get financial aid or scholarships, something that seems to be impossible in the United States.
And not to forget the high cost of living in the United States compared to Canada. So. international students would probably choose to study in Canada since it is more affordable.

3.Employment Opportunities

According to the Canadian International Education bureau, more than half of the international students in Canada are likely to get permanent residence eventually. Also, they can work in Canada for up to three years after graduation on a Post Graduation Permit Work (PGWP)which helps them find jobs and might be a gateway for permanent residence, and consequently citizenship.
This might not happen in the United States where international students are not likely to find jobs after graduation unless they have been sponsored. This goes back to the perception that international students are foreigners and are not welcomed in the United States, and this will consequently affect their employment in the country.

4. Health Care

One of the most essential points to think of when you think to move to a country is healthcare. Since Canadian healthcare is administered by individual provinces, there is a variance in the coverage they offer. Not all provinces offer coverage for temporary residents like international students. This means that students in provinces that don’t include international students can take part in their school’s insurance plan, or use any affordable private insurance providers.
However, in the United States, international students are asked to apply for health insurance by many schools usually with high costs.

5.Canadian Policy

It is obvious that Canada tends to embrace international students. By 2022, the Canadian government aims to bring in 450,000 international students to Canada. Currently, there are 353,000 international students studying in Canada.
The international students make up only one percent of the Canadian population, yet the number of international students entering Canada has witnessed a 92 percent increase since 2008.
Whereas, in the United States, the number of international students showed the lowest rate since 2009.
These rates make it clear and obvious that international students are choosing Canada over the United States. This could go back to the policies in the Canadian government that has adopted the international students.