Innovative and new ideas are eligible for the Start-Up Program

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No investment required

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No net worth required


Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program offers Canadian permanent residence to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs.

Startup Visa Program


The Start-Up Visa Program offers PR status to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. The program targets creative entrepreneurs and associates them with private sector investors in Canada who will help establish their start-up businesses.

To qualify for this program, you need to have established a business that fulfills the following criteria:

When you secure a commitment from a designated organization:

  • Each applicant must possess at least 10% of the voting rights associated with all outstanding shares of the corporation (up to 5 individuals can apply as owners).
  • Both the applicants and the designated organization must collectively hold more than 50% of the total voting rights attached to all outstanding shares of the corporation at that time.

    When you attain permanent residence status:

  • You must actively and continuously manage this business from within Canada.
  • A fundamental part of the business’s operations must take place in Canada.
  • The business must be legally incorporated in Canada.

Obtain a Letter of Endorsement from a Designated Organization

In order to proceed with your application, it is essential to obtain a letter of support from a designated organization, which is a recognized entity that invests in or offers support to potential startups. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Contact the designated organization to inquire about their specific requirements for obtaining their support.
  • Convince the organization that your business idea is deserving of their support.
  • Secure a formal letter of support from the designated organization.

The process for presenting your idea to these organizations can vary significantly, as each entity has its own set of prerequisites. For instance, you might be required to present your business concept in person or submit a comprehensive business plan.
If you successfully reach an agreement with a designated organization, they will issue you a letter of support. This letter serves as evidence that your business idea has garnered the backing of a venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator.

Additionally, the designated organization will directly provide us with a commitment certificate. Both your letter of support and the organization’s commitment certificate will be crucial in the evaluation of your application. Please be aware that we may request additional business information to make a final determination regarding your application.
Failure to include the letter of support or meet any other specified requirements will result in the rejection of your application.


  • Language Proficiency
  • Education
  • Sufficient settlement funds

Language Proficiency

Fulfill the Language Proficiency Requirements:
Being able to communicate and work proficiently in either English, French, or both languages is crucial for the success of your business in Canada. To meet this requirement:You must undergo a language assessment administered by an approved agency, and you must include the test results with your application. Failure to do so will result in the non-processing of your application.

You must achieve a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of 5 in either English or French across the following four areas: listening, reading, writing and Speaking
Your CLB level can be determined using the results of your language test.


The minimum required level of educaiton: High School

Sufficient Settlement Funds Required

Please note that the Government of Canada does not provide financial assistance to newly arrived start-up visa immigrants. Therefore, when you submit your application, you must provide evidence that you have the financial means to support yourself and any dependents upon your arrival in Canada. It is important to emphasize that you cannot borrow this required settlement fund from another individual.

The amount you need depends on the size of your family. We update these amounts every year.


Number of family members Funds required CAD
1 $13,757
2 $17,127
3 $21,055
4 $25,564
5 $28,994
6 $32,700
If more than 7 people, for each additional family member $3,706