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What is the Cookie Policy?

The cookie policy is a catalog of information about each tracker created and obtainable for end-users to provide them with an understanding of how their personal information is being read when visiting the domain. This section elaborated on what kind of information cookies collect, how Uimmigrate uses it, and the reasoning as to why it’s possible to store the information. This section will explain how to avoid these cookies saving your information. This, however, may downgrade or destroy particular portions of the website’s performance.

How Cookies are used

Cookies are utilized for a number of reasons that are further explained later on. It is highly advised that one should keep all cookies on if you are not certain whether you require them or not just in case those cookies are utilized to provide a facility that you possibly use.

Disabling Cookies

You can opt to deny cookies by updating your preferred setting on the website. Please note that in denying or disabling cookies, you are aware that it will affect the performance of this website. It will also not allow the website to display certain features or information on the site. Therefore, it is highly advised that you are agreeing to the cookie policy.

The Cookies We Set

By submitting your information through forms, surveys, or the wizard, cookies might have to remind you about your information for future communication.

Third-Party Cookies

On rare occasions, Uimmigrate will use cookies that are serviced by reliable third parties. This segment explains what third-party cookies you could possibly come across. Uimmigrate uses Google Analytics. It is the most trusted and reliable analytic solution found to help Uimmigrate know how you use the website and the types of ways we can optimize your experience. Cookies might keep track of the amount of time you are on the website and the sites that you explore.