Canada or the UAE. Which one is better?

Here, we wrote some statements on both countries using specific topics. Which one is better? Let’s find out.


1. Education

You hear it everywhere; Canada is one of the best countries to study in. According to Best Countries for Education 2019 and 2020, they’re in the lead by being the 3rd most educational country. UAE falls back, getting the 28th position in 2019.


Public schools in Canada have no charge and are considered one of the best. Public schools vary all over Canada. Most schools have English as their main language and the others have French. It’s easier to apply for a school in Canada as the system is completely different in the UAE.


In UAE, the public schools are for free but the only allows the locals, however, Canada lets people from all over the world to study in their public schools. Before you enter a public school in Canada, they let you go to a place they call ‘We Welcome the World’. The name itself tells you that they accept the varieties of people all over the society.


Private schools, in both countries, cost money. Private schools in UAE can range from AED 12,700 (USD 3,457.66) to AED 64,100 (USD 17,451.67), not including additional fees for administration, stationery, uniforms, books, and transportation. Canada’s fees can go from CAD 4,000 (USD 2,977) to CAD 26,000 (USD 19,349). Pupils attending public schools in Canada are advised to buy books from outside the school premises.


2. Healthcare

Healthcare is a top priority for all people all over the world. So, when you want to choose which healthcare is better for you and your family, you google it. And what do you get as the number one?


Canada has been ranked as the country with the best healthcare since their healthcare isn’t what you see in UAE, or to be exact, in almost all the countries. They provide Canadian citizens and residents free healthcare for almost everything. The common examples are:  All medical necessary hospital stays, including surgery’s and (most) maternal services and prescription drugs. Most importantly, the government provides people with a free health card for each family member (People who live alone also get a health card) with your info on it. (Name, DOB, Nationality…).


In UAE, only the locals can have access to free healthcare (or pay a low cost) while the other nationals must pay for a health card and then pay for every time they use their services. Each payment for different surveys can differ.


3. Salary

Here’s where things contrast. Both countries can be cheaper than the other, depending on the topic.


The first one is housing. Canada is approximately 34.4% cheaper than UAE when it comes to housing. In Canada, there are many houses to choose from, however, each one is different than the other, varying prices. There are also apartments and condominiums. In UAE, there are more apartments than houses, or as they call it, villas. Each house has a different price but overall, Canada is cheaper.


Secondly, we have supermarkets or as some people call them, groceries. As I mentioned earlier, each country can be cheaper than the other. UAE wins this round. Canada is approximately 47.4% more expensive than the UAE when it comes to supermarkets or groceries. Remember, Canada is a very big country and each province and territory has its own rules and prices. No Frills is said to be one of the cheapest grocery stores in Canada. They are always on sale! A survey was conducted in 2019 asking people which grocery store you know best. The winning store was Walmart. They are also on the top ten cheapest grocery stores in Canada, so no shame here.


Last but not least we have clothing. Canada is 16% cheaper than in the UAE. In Canada, the outlets and shopping centers seem to enjoy watching their costumers pick from the different aisles on sale. In the UAE, there are many big and fancy malls, lots of stores, but they’re quite expensive. Some stores do have a sale, and some don’t. UAE is home to the biggest mall in the world, Dubai Mall. The main reason why Dubai Mall is quite expensive is that tourists come around often. To make money, they have to raise prices.


4. Weather

There are some days where it is windy and chilly and other days when it’s scorching hot. Its obvious which country has better weather. UAE is mostly hot, which is quite off because it is not near the equator. Canada, however, lies near the north pole which means they get a lot of chilly days.


According to history, it never snowed in the UAE. Only on the highest peaks of the mountains, where it barley snows. During the summer in the UAE, temperatures can be burning hot, the hottest months are July and August where temperatures can reach 50°C (120°F). The coldest month is January. Temperatures can be as low as 20°C (68°F) and as high as 25°C (77°F). The best time to take you griller and head to the park for a lovely family barbecue is in the early spring, the beginning of March.


The weather in Canada is pleasant. In fact, cold is a friend of Canada’s. Snow starts to appear in early December and can last till Mid-March. This is in southern Ontario. In the northern provinces and territories, it can be way colder and can snow for quite a long time. Summers in the northern areas can be as high as 20°C (68°F) only. Summers in the other areas are warm indeed, reaching the highest of 30°C (86°F). In the south, temperatures in the summers can reach 35°C (95°F).


The weather is an unexpected gift. Some days can be beautiful and some days can be harmful. Whichever it is, we always have to be careful and take care of ourselves.