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Immigration will raise Canada's population by 21 million.

Stay in Canada after graduation

Many international students aspire to remain in Canada after graduation to live, work, and eventually secure permanent residency. Here are the primary pathways available:

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

A PGWP enables graduates to work for most employers in Canada for up to three years. Applications must be submitted within 180 days of receiving the final transcript and official letter from your educational institution. Note that programs shorter than eight months are ineligible.

Visitor Records

If your study permit expires before you obtain a PGWP, you can apply for a visitor record to extend your stay in Canada. However, be aware that you are not permitted to work while on a visitor record.

Other Work Permits

You may apply for additional work permits through the International Mobility Program (IMP) or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to gain work experience, which can help in your pursuit of permanent residency.

New Study Permit

Consider furthering your education. Starting January 2024, the living cost requirement for a single student is $20,635. A second degree necessitates a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL), although graduate students are exempt and may still qualify for a 3-year PGWP. Ensure to apply for the PGWP only after completing your subsequent program.