Starting from June 14, individuals who are applying for permanent residence (PR) in Canada are obligated to submit biometric information, regardless of whether they have previously supplied such data for a temporary residence application.

However, there are specific groups of applicants who are exempt from the requirement to provide biometric information when traveling to Canada. These groups include:

  • Canadian citizens, as well as those who are in the process of applying for Canadian citizenship (including those applying for passports) and individuals who are already permanent residents of Canada.
  • Children who are under the age of 14.
  • Applicants who are aged 79 or older, with the exception of asylum claimants, for whom there is no upper age exemption.
  • Dignitaries such as heads of state and government officials, as well as accredited diplomats from foreign countries and the United Nations who are visiting Canada for official purposes.
  • Holders of U.S. visas who are transiting through Canada.
  • Individuals who have previously provided their biometric information and are now applying for a study or work permit as refugee claimants or protected persons.
  • Temporary resident applicants who have previously submitted their biometric information in support of an ongoing application for permanent residence.

These outlined exemptions clarify the specific categories of individuals who are not required to provide biometric information when entering Canada.